This site’s Peanooks house. Here you’ll find the hell I am, what I have to offer and how to tell me things alternately to smoke signals. You’re welcome.

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Ok, so… Wait… You said you are…

Peanook is the solo musical project of Pablo Arnal, a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Zaragoza (Spain) who picked up his mother’s guitar five years ago and couldn’t break up with the joy of playing music and the dream of living from it. On September 2017 Peanook released eight homemade demos about unlove in a very dubious quality, followed by his first (and, by now, last) live performance on December 8, 2017 in a pub which doors are actually closed (-_-).

We’re a year later and Peanook is back, full of hope, dreams and actual equipment to do some new good-sounding homemade music with! So… Yeah! Be ready for what’s coming!

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